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riverstone: What we do, actually? | We live the art and create for life

What we do, actually?

In order to understand us: a simple glossary of terms, which you can meet in our work.

corporate image

Everything that is visually characterising, mainly outwards, a company, (or, exceptionally, an individual). Often, the terms like visual style or corporate identity is used. The basic element is often the logo — a symbol, sign or inscription, which contains (not necessarily) the company name or bears its characteristic (from Sony to Apple or Nike). The greater brand awareness is, the less descriptive elements are needed. (eg, Apple or Nike).


logo, trademark, symbol, name, brand

corporate visual style

business cards, letterhead paper, letterhead documents, info system, website

visual style applications (labels, car stickers, signboards)

media communication

ad campaign

print advertising

multimedia commercial
radio spot, tv spot, a web banner, website

outdoor advertising
billboard, abribus, megabord, substandard media


coding, web design, design and implementation of websites

graphic design

typography, typesetting, cover, graphic works (prints, books, notices, posters)

spatial design

interior design (equipment, furniture, colors, lighting), the implementation of the interior (paintings, artworks, paintings, murals furniture)


any artwork – paintings, graphics, sculpture