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Apple Chrome?

The Google Chrome icon/logo contains a light reflection. Very interesting one!

Apple Chrome?

Apple Chrome?

When I first saw the Chrome icon, its light reflection leaped out. I do not know if the author dealt with the final image within some 3D app. Because if he played with vectors in Illustrator (or, has Google some sort of proprietary icon app? ;), he has to have a great sense of humor. As you can see, the gloss reminded me immediately Apple’s own logo. Although distorted, but nevertheless, the reflections on curved shapes commonly do so.

Perhaps this is due the fact I look often at the Apple logo (at least peripherally at the bottom edge of my LCD) and I like to. But it does not mean I can see it everywhere. Ironically, I can not see it on the spots, where the Apple’s lawyers do.

What we do, actually?

In order to understand us: a simple glossary of terms, which you can meet in our work.

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We have new T-shirts

riverstone team broadens by those, who want to show their chest proudly: 1 am fellow riverstone

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Welcome to our site

Thank God, it’s Friday! We are here. There is a lot to do, but the web is on. Welcome! And let us know…

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