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riverstone: About | We live the art and create for life

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In order to understand us: a simple glossary of terms, which you can meet in our work.

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riverstone team broadens by those, who want to show their chest proudly: 1 am fellow riverstone

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About us

riverstone is a creative house. Team of young artists – designers, graphic artists, sculptors, copy writers, painters and even art theorians create works of various orders for different clients.

Unifying facor is the visual character of realized production. The features of visual arts are manifested within the three lines of our work: corporate image, media communication and spatial design. In addition to that, riverstone is creative house involving the fine art — we create unique works of art.
If you would like to check, if we are able to realize what you need in that extent,
look at all the terms associated with our work.

Creative house riverstone

Everything what our clients and their clients ultimately (and often already at the beginning) like, is made in riverstone studios. Our creative house is the place where we go to work and where our clients get their handsome things.

Creative team

Everybody works on everything. Almost. They are smart, talented, some even experienced. We work systematicaly on job briefing—brainstorming—individual design—shared rating—shortlist—brainstorming—ultimate shortlist—presentation to client.
The basic tools consist of A4 and a KOH-I-NOOR pencil. Together with Macs and some american software.

Peter Čambál Senior Creative Director

The cornerstone of riverstone. The author, mentor, cantor, occasional chief and gardener. He loves and creates beautiful things, especially women and horses. Thanks to him, riverstone has got a spirit. He simply knows. He is our our cream of the crop. And a great boss.

Veronika Pinčeková Idea Manager

Cherchez la femme. For all. Especially for good ideas. But now you can find her pushing the stroller. She is chasing ideas.

Peter Čambál ml. Creative Director (and a CEO, too)

He gained experience as an Art Director and Client Creative Director in the prestigous agencies by such brands as Orange, Šariš, Pilsner Urquell, Škoda Auto, accenture, Liga proti rakovine, Novofruct, Fixinela, Activit and others. For some ads he also received nominations and awards at international and local competitions. He created and is a co-author of most artistic artifacts and concepts.

Jozef Mak Art Director

To this moment, he is the newest teammate in riverstone. The designer, web designer, graphic designer and the author of, which is required at some mass media communication departments. His career was born thanks to Quake and is growing thanks to riverstone. ;-))

Pavol Čambál Art Director

He enjoys animation. Not so in animation programs, which are not actualy his area, presently, he had enough with the PS, AI, SketchUp, and Keynote. And he does well. He animates art. Once you want to know wat it means, come to us…

Juraj Čambál Art Director Junior, Project Manager

Specialist in personal branding. He ensures continuity of production, good black music, and the latest design accessory for the iPhone.

Lukáš Kijac Art Director Junior

He is responsible for everything what may prove his genius. And his height.